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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wyndham Crocodile Farm

This big croc is in the main street of Wyndham.

This was our tour guide for the Croc Farm, wearing a dirty uniform, thongs and during the tour he told inappropriate sexist jokes and smoked. A real asset to a very run down dirty park.

There were some huge crocs which we saw being feed.

The state of the water in some of the pens was disgusting as you can see from this photo!

The state of the park was no better, obviously years ago it was well landscaped and somebody had done a lot of work setting it up, but now all the gardens are dead even though there was reticulation set up in all the gardens and it was all dirty and neglected. We would not recommend this park to anyone.

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  1. I visited the same croc park as you, but I had nothing to winge about. I thought the tour guy was great, and I wanted to believe his croc stories. I guess you don't have to wear a 3 piece suit to work when you are hands on with the "locals". I thought the enclosures were very good, and in keeping with most "croc" waters I have seen. You are probably better keeping to the nice clean and not disgusting urban lifestyle, and let the bushies do what they do best.