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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wyndham Crocodile Farm

This big croc is in the main street of Wyndham.

This was our tour guide for the Croc Farm, wearing a dirty uniform, thongs and during the tour he told inappropriate sexist jokes and smoked. A real asset to a very run down dirty park.

There were some huge crocs which we saw being feed.

The state of the water in some of the pens was disgusting as you can see from this photo!

The state of the park was no better, obviously years ago it was well landscaped and somebody had done a lot of work setting it up, but now all the gardens are dead even though there was reticulation set up in all the gardens and it was all dirty and neglected. We would not recommend this park to anyone.

Ord River Dam & Lake Argyle

Swimming pool at the Lake Argyle Resort overlooking the beautiful lake.

The view just goes on.

Power station at the bottom of the wall of the dam. We wonder at the amount of water that goes through this every day, if it some how could be piped to Perth, there would never be a water shortage again!

The lake is supposed to be about the equivalent of 50 Sydney Harbours in water capacity. This is the intake tower.

The wall, I would not want to be around if this one came down.

All the stats.

Picnic lunch in the park by the wall of the dam.

Durack Homestead

The Durack Homestead was shifted from it's original position when the Ord River dam was built creating Lake Argyle.
Lovely old building with thick stone walls and it was lovely and cool as we went through.

They had also shifted the graves or at least the headstones from the original family.

Some of the old equipment on display.

We were a bit disappointed there was not really much to see in the house, just some photos and such as this, a lot of the rooms are empty.

The Durack Family tree.

The entry on the tree for Denham Durack, he and his wife Pam used to have the Broomehill Hotel. Denham passed away a few years ago and is now in the Albany Cemetery.

Bower Birds

We were feeding this bird at our picnic lunch at Lake Argyle and didn't know what it was until we visited Durack House and was told it was a Bower bird. This is a female and she was feeding two big baby's.

Eyeing off our lunch to see what she could get. Very strong and quick bird.

Bower bird nest at Durack House, this fellow collects white objects.

The other end of the nest.

Boab Trees

These are the most awesome tree! Some of the big ones are between 1500 to 2000 years old.

At this time of the year they are losing their foliage for the dry season, but are lush and green in the wet!

I have yet to see a dead one and I have been looking, so except when man bulldozers them down they just keep on going.

When you get a group like this it is called a family, there is usually one big parent tree in the middle and all the baby's and teenagers around. Some people here in Kununurra are lucky enough to have them in their front gardens! I want one! I think they are fabulous!

According to google the big ones can hold up to 100,000 litres of water in a fibrous material inside the main trunk.

Hmm, just wont quite fit on the roof of the car, maybe I will have to leave it behind and settle for a nut (as in boab nut).

Didn't get to see the one they used to use for a jail back in the early days, maybe next time around.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Hoochery

Did a tour of The Hoochery, a family run distillery where they grow a lot of the ingredients for distilling rum. This whole building is made of recycled materials.

This is Margo who did our tour of the distillery and answered all our silly question.

The main tasting bar with a great painting behind it. Cost $10 for the tour and another $5 for three tastings of different rums of your choice.

This is the painting behind the bar!

The still, again all home made.

Alcoholics dream, all these kegs are full of rum and are three deep to the wall on the left.

These rums are the ten year olds.

One of the two holding rooms for the bottled rum. A very interesting tour and well worth the $10.


Beautiful Kununurra, have stayed a week here, lovely green place with lots of water. Great temperatures here, 28 to 30 degrees during the day and cools down enough at night to sleep really well except for the noisy birds, of which there are lots.

Was parked at a fuel station and watched this butcher bird smacking the little snake on the ground to kill it then he swallowed it whole.

The most photographed lizard in Kununurra, he lives in the Lakeside resort Caravan Park and wanders around, not at all perturbed by the campers.

The dam on the road into Kununurra from the south, flood gates are open and you can see the people barra fishing in the rough waters.

Ivanhoe Crossing, usually you can drive across here but with the flood gates open on the diversion dam I don't think anyone will attempt it now!

Looking across the lake from the caravan park.

Taken from one of the lookouts. lots of plantation all around the town due to the irrigation channels.

Another shot from the lookout called Kelly's Nob.

Looking at out camp in those trees from across the lake on the town side.