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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dampier _ Red Dog

While we were staying at Karratha we went for a drive to Dampier and this is the statue of Red Dog. Have just been to see the movie, thought it was great, very funny and the music was fabulous, recommend seeing it!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Barn Hill

Sunset over the ocean from our camp.

Our camp.

Historic cairn on top of Barn Hill.

Just a couple of parrots

View of the caravan park from the top of the hill.

North shore from the track up from the beach.

This ablution block is a bit primitive, no roof, toilets on the left and showers on the right. Hot water comes from black pipe rolled up in the sun, so get there early.

Out front of our camp.

The group doing Tai Chi every morning.

Our camp from the back.

The two rink bowling green, Bryon had a few games while we were there, Bryon is down the other end in this photo.

Bryon and Les Peacock showing off their bowls. A good time was had by all.

Barn Hill

Around the campfire at Barn Hill

Two campfires, one for heat & one to sit around.

Steve and Sue's camp.

Sue in what they call the Hoochy.

Me at the Sunday Markets. Sold patchwork bags, placemats etc.

Overview of the markets. Due to the transient population there was a different crowd every week.

This is Brian from Carnarvon. With a little bit of a shave I thought he was a spitting image of my granddad! What do you think family? Lovely fellow.

The two Brian's and Ricky the dog.

Me with Peter and Wendy Hill one happy hour.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Boab Prison Tree

Did a quick trip to Derby to see the prison tree, they take their boab's very seriously there as you can see the roads go around the tree instead of bulldozing it down.

This house including the roof has been built around the boab tree!

This is the prison tree, awful inside, I would hate to even get in it let alone stay in it!

Had lots of carving on it but unfortunately most were unreadable.

Gives you an idea of the size of it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Geikie Gorge Cruise

Spent one night at Fitzroy Crossing and went on the cruise down Geikie Gorge. Was the first week it was open after the wet season and the staff were still digging everything out from under the mud

The water was spectacular

The cliffs down either side were awesome.

This is a Johnson's Freshwater crocodile. Loved this photo, he posed so nicely

Saw probably about 10 of these crocodiles during the cruise which took about 2 hours.

The cruise was well worth the cost, the guide was very well informed and we can recommend it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wolf Creek Crater

Did a day trip out to Wolf Creek Crater, to get there you have to go part the way down the Tanimi Road. Well that was an eye opener, I thought I had been on a rough road before but this one sure took the first prize! Thank goodness we were not pulling the van. Hope you can read the info on this info board.

This is the track up the side of the crater, pretty rocky but not too hard.

Awesome, the circle is the impact zone in the centre of the crater, there were people walking down the track to the centre and they looked like ants.

Looking around the rim to the left.

And to the right.

Was thinking of my Dad while we were up here as his & Mum's last trip was to here, was on his bucket list and mine too.

Coming down from the top.

Just in case you forgot where we were!

Can you believe this caravan!!! This was parked at an abandoned station house on the road into the crater. It even had an ensuite but it was so small I couldn't get a photo to show it.

Can you imagine pulling this around Australia. This was so cool.

This is the kitchen in the van, I kid you not, a real wood stove.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Barn Hill 1

Barn Hill.

Barn Hill is about 130k’s south of Broome on a working station. The caravan park is huge and stretches along the coast. The beach is quite nice in both directions depending if you want a long or short walk, it can be a bit soft in parts. The temperatures range from 28’ to 30’ in the day and about 17’ to 19’ at night so it is lovely for sleeping as well. There is usually a breeze in the morning which settles by mid morning and then all the boats go out fishing. There are lots of activities going on here, I go to a craft group each afternoon for a couple of hours, there are markets every Sunday, which I am have a table at until I run out of my patchwork bags and placemats. You can go to a Tai Chi group each morning, on Sunday nights there is a roast night which is three courses for $15 and that also includes a band and entertainment. The bowls will start soon as they are still getting the two rinks back in order, all fun bowls as in social and corporate bowls and also happy hour each night, probably more that I don’t know about yet and all except the meal don’t cost anything!. Have found that due to too much alcohol and food consumption I have to be strict with no nibbling in between meals and have a AFD (alcohol free day) every second day so that I can still fit into my clothes.
 I have been walking every day with a couple of ladies we have met.

The phone and internet coverage are very spasmodic depending on the winds etc, so with us being on an unpowered site and either having to take the computer over to Steve & Sue’s camp (they are on a powered site) to be recharged, or waiting till Bryon has the generator on to top the van batteries up, I am not spend much time on line and have lots of time for my sewing and knitting and all the other social things! When Bryon does put the generator on everything that runs on 240 volts gets recharged and the washing machine goes flat out, we do have a permanent water connection and water views from the van. We decided as we have the van set up for solar power that with the unpowered sites at $15 per night verses $25 per night for a powered site it is definitely more economical to go unpowered. We are planning to stay 6 weeks this year before heading down to Carnarvon, but next year will probably stay two or three months.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Grotto

The sign tells you all the details! This was pretty spectacular, we didn't go down all the steps as they were very step and with no safety rails we all decided we didn't need to see the bottom that bad.

In the wet season this is a raging waterfall.

Beautiful water and a long way down.

Very little water coming down this time of the year.