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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Beautiful Kununurra, have stayed a week here, lovely green place with lots of water. Great temperatures here, 28 to 30 degrees during the day and cools down enough at night to sleep really well except for the noisy birds, of which there are lots.

Was parked at a fuel station and watched this butcher bird smacking the little snake on the ground to kill it then he swallowed it whole.

The most photographed lizard in Kununurra, he lives in the Lakeside resort Caravan Park and wanders around, not at all perturbed by the campers.

The dam on the road into Kununurra from the south, flood gates are open and you can see the people barra fishing in the rough waters.

Ivanhoe Crossing, usually you can drive across here but with the flood gates open on the diversion dam I don't think anyone will attempt it now!

Looking across the lake from the caravan park.

Taken from one of the lookouts. lots of plantation all around the town due to the irrigation channels.

Another shot from the lookout called Kelly's Nob.

Looking at out camp in those trees from across the lake on the town side.

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