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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Durack Homestead

The Durack Homestead was shifted from it's original position when the Ord River dam was built creating Lake Argyle.
Lovely old building with thick stone walls and it was lovely and cool as we went through.

They had also shifted the graves or at least the headstones from the original family.

Some of the old equipment on display.

We were a bit disappointed there was not really much to see in the house, just some photos and such as this, a lot of the rooms are empty.

The Durack Family tree.

The entry on the tree for Denham Durack, he and his wife Pam used to have the Broomehill Hotel. Denham passed away a few years ago and is now in the Albany Cemetery.


  1. wow what a small small world. I love the homested not is I could trnsport tosay near Esperance or Mount Barker I would move tomorrow

  2. I found an old painting of a lady (1920's 30's looking) signed "L Durack" its not a fabulous painting but I bought it (was only 50 cents in a garage sale) its a curious painting. wondered if any of the Duracks would recognise the lady in the pic? doesn't seem you can put a photo on here though