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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Hoochery

Did a tour of The Hoochery, a family run distillery where they grow a lot of the ingredients for distilling rum. This whole building is made of recycled materials.

This is Margo who did our tour of the distillery and answered all our silly question.

The main tasting bar with a great painting behind it. Cost $10 for the tour and another $5 for three tastings of different rums of your choice.

This is the painting behind the bar!

The still, again all home made.

Alcoholics dream, all these kegs are full of rum and are three deep to the wall on the left.

These rums are the ten year olds.

One of the two holding rooms for the bottled rum. A very interesting tour and well worth the $10.


  1. I want that picture behind the bar. Now if I can only convince Ros to let me put it on the bedroom roof!