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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coober Pedy

Looking down from the lookout to some of the building that go underground.

One of the tourist mines but not the one we went down. This is still near the middle of town.

Going down into the mine

Underground reception area.
More shots looking around the outskirts of the town. Everything was so green all the way up from Port Augusta due to lots of summer rain.

Welcome to Coober Pedy!
Got to love the hats!

Down in the mine, was like a rabbit warren, corridors going off in all directions. Was an interesting tour, learnt lots about mining opals and also that Coober Pedy & surrounding area produces 95% of the world opals.

One of the areas we couldn't go into due to flooding, they had 2" of rain in 20 minutes early in the week.

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  1. Always wanted to go to Coober Pedy. Must get there one day...