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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Louth Bay

Louth Bay was home for 6 days, just a little town with no shops, just a golf club.
The surrounding scenery is awesome with the rolling hills.
Went up to the club one night for drinks and a chat with the locals.
For the person who posted asking about the size of our van, it is 21' inside and about 30' in length from back to tow ball!.
We are loving the caravan life and get quite inventive to solve so minor problems! I was wanting to iron two pieces of patchwork fabric I bought in Port Lincoln and found out very quick that our new jenny wont run an iron and as I was wanting to chop up this fabric I took a little stroll up to the golf club which was closed being a Monday and found an outside power point. I hot footed it back to the van and armed with miny ironing board, iron and fabric, back I went and plugged into there for the 5 minutes it took to iron my bits! Mind you it must have been a funny sight due to me swiping with the iron and smacking mozzies at the same time!
Looking back towards the town from the jetty. We didn't do any fishing this stop, but as we had visited the Seafood Warehouse in Port Lincoln we are still having yummy meals.
The jetty at low tide. every little place seems to have a jetty!


  1. Hi Sue thanks for the information, I work with Keith. What a great idea, it just show what a can do person you are. Did you rent out your home or is a friend housesitting. Lorelle (I'd put my facebook here but can't work out how to do it so i'll have to stay anonymous

  2. Also we own a house 3 Beatty St, Whyalla Playford if you're going past can you take a photo for us, Thanks