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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Caravan life

The seats are very comfortable for reading and sewing, the table folds back to 1/3 the size when you don't need it. We haven't used the van shower here at Venus Bay as the water is all bore water & it is not recommended to put through the van, but the facility's here are excellent even a small bath in the ladies which I have made the most of. When we are free camping we do use the shower but not as normal, you wet down first, turn the water off while you soap everything then a very quick rinse to finish off. Tried to get a photo of the shower (empty of course) for George but too hard in a confined space. The bed is fabulously comfortable and we don't tend to get up early and the sound proofing in the van is good, we very rarely hear outside noises.

Bryon's turn to cook, sometimes the bench can get cluttered but housework is minimal and you just learn to put everything away. Doing the dishes is easy as everything is within arms length for putting away.
Love the BBQ, we have had a roast pork and lots of yummy meals done on this, the standard is Bryon cooks the bbq's & I do the salads or vegs.
Crispy skin Atlantic Salmon with a tossed salad served with a nice red wine, so it seems restraunt Porteous is still open!
this is our view from the van. The only drawback here is the Pacific Gulls like to perch on the roof so it sounds like people are wandering around up there & they leave lots of big deposits.


  1. Ah, at last comments on van life. Thanks Sue for the overview, I'm still envious as hell, but significant other states that if I want to go roaming Australia in a caravan, I better get used to solitude! Oh, well, I shall live vicariously through your travels. Pics are great, keep them coming.

  2. Hi Sue

    How big is the van?