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Monday, March 28, 2011

Koppia Museum

This photo is supposed to be with the tank but I couldn't get it to shift.
This is the most incredible museum at Koppia, we spent several hours here but could easy spend days looking through here, can only show such a small amount of the contents, but we went around saying "look at that", "do you remember this", "that's amazing" etc! Well worth the $20 we spent to get in.
Just some of the old cars on display
plus lots of buggys
Tractors galore!
Bryon says they used to have one just like this on his nana's farm.
Lots of more motors
Old patchwork quilt done in hexagons, the pattern is called Grandma's Garden.
For Kevin to drool over
more for Kevin as he collects these.
More in the telegraph hut
Wattle hut with thatched roof and jsut stuffed full of things to ponder over.
The blacksmiths hut
instrument of torture, the old dentists chair.
hmm, an old portable camera
barb wire collection, just one board out of a huge collection of thousands! incredible that there could be soo many!
one of many old projectors
the old tank that goes with the first picture.

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  1. Looking at the technology in the telegraph hut and comparing it to what we have today shows just how far we have come, eh?