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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Farm Beach

March 15th to 20th.
Stayed at Farm Beach Bush camp for 5 nights, a big camp that was nearly full resulting in about 50 people at happy hour each night!(too many) . I caught the only fish while we were there, a herring but it had to go back, Bryon was very patient teaching me how to cast with the new rod we just bought. Had a couple feeds again of oysters and Bryon has the stab wounds in his hands from the shells to prove it! The seafood over here is wonderful & we can't get enough of it. Those with boats were having a field day catching squid, some up to 15 in a day.
The only facilities were basic flushing toilets and 1 tap with water that was not drinkable but could be used for showering & washing etc, which had to be carried in by buckets. Did a day trip to Coffin Bay on Friday for a bit of a look around, the coastline in South Australia is just amazing, beautiful beaches, rugged cliffs and lots of amazing bays and inlets.Was very windy & dusty for several days of our stay and then on the morning we were to leave it started raining at about 3am and continued until we were set up at Port Lincoln, Bryon got absolutely drenched packing up & hitching up, but as we are having power problems we had to go.
On the edge of the camp were all these tractors,used to launch the boats on the soft beach. many I think will never see the beach again.

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  1. Hi there, I really enjoying reading your posts and looking at all you pics. You have just inspired me take my next trip in 3 weeks to Port Lincoln region.