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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pildappa Rock

After leaving Cleve we headed up to Kimba, what a pretty, loved town, has the most awesome pub but as it was morning we just had a walk through. Ran into a couple we both knew from Nyabing, Elaine Harris ( Neville Harris's mum)and Len Altham, who Bryon knew from Nyabing. They pulled up at the same rest spot in town so we had a good catch up.
From Kimba we went to Wudinna but didn't like the look of it so went on to Pildappa Rock. We pulled up here and went "WOW" this looks like a great spot to spend a few days. Jumped out of the car to find a good spot to put the van and after walking about 20 feet we were attacked by swarms of marsh flies, unbelievable amounts of them, much like a swarm of bee's, we didn't have enough hands to to get them off before they were biting us, so we ran back to the car to escape them and I ventured out again just long enough to get a few photo's before we left. Very disappointed as it looked so interesting and is much bigger that Wave Rock and had lots of walks around and up it, so we will put it on the to do later list when it is not marsh fly season.
This was the other side of the rock and there are geraniums growing in parts of the rock that had been planted in 1918.
Nice camping area's on both sides of the rock.

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