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Friday, April 22, 2011

Haslam 2

Our second stay at Haslam was for two weeks of veging out! I caught these fish from the jetty, a small Salmon & a King George Whiting, they were yummy eating. Any ideas we had of swimming again under the jetty went out the window when some night fishermen had a catch of Pink Snapper on the jetty and lost the last one to a 5 metre White Pointer Shark!
Jill & Ian Brown, we were camped next to them for the two weeks we were there, good fun couple and felt like we had known them forever by the time we left. Have met so many great couples, Grant & Pam who are heading to WA and the unforgettable Helen & Billie! Plan to camp on their lawn when we get to Queensland, and also Rob & Lyn, who we have managed to catch up with a few times in different places.
The last happy hour before we left for Streaky Bay, was lovely to have a fire now that fire restrictions are finished.
Kevin & Karen were with us for the last week and Steve & Sue arrived for the last two days.
Love happy hour! Always a few funny characters and different people to talk to all the time. Amazing how many times you find that you have many friends or acquaintance's in common.

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  1. I think that is the best thing about traveling is meeting new people - oh and the different sights as well. You two are having too much fun!