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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chandada Rest Area

After leaving Pildappa Rock we went looking for somewhere close to camp for the night as time was getting on, so we headed to Poochera to check out the hotel-caravan park. What a dive! the hotel had a sign saying closed Sunday & Monday and had steel bars on every area that opened & closed. The block across the road from the pub had signs on it saying" keep out" " go away" "no trespassing"!The caravan park side was overgrown and full of piles of rubbish, old tin & such. The toilet were locked, god knows why? & there was one long term van there to book in to when the pub was closed but after a closer look we decided to give this place a miss too, so hit the road again.
Eventually got to Chandada Pioneer Park which is a rest stop on the side of the road with an old field day site next to it which had a few old derelict buildings scattered around.

This is Harry's Stump which weighs 28 tonne! On display in a shed next to the parking area. It is also home to a very active bee hive so we had to park down the road a bit from it.

So this was home for the night at last! We declared happy hour open and went for a wander around the old buildings. Was pretty cold in the morning as we were inland, and found a couple had come in during the night across the road from us & set up in a tent , as they say safety in numbers.
We are heading back to Haslam tomorrow to stay until Easter.
To answer George's question; no,we are not heading for home. We are booked in to Streaky Bay for two weeks over Easter & the school holidays and Kevin & Karen and Steve & Sue are coming over from WA to meet us there and after those two weeks are up we are travelling on with Steve & Sue up through the middle to Ayers Rock, Alice Springs then around the top to Darwin & Broome. Unfortunately Kevin & Karen have to go back home to work & can't come with us.

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