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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


In Cleve we stayed at the showgrounds where it was $10 per night with power & water. Again was very windy, went to the pub for a drink and a play on the pokies (gobbles up the money and boring just pushing one button). Had a bit of fun with a mouse getting into the van the first night, lucky we caught him next morning when I found him sound asleep in my clothes when I went to put them on, he had found the grapes in the bowl on the bench and dragged one down behind the cushion when Bryon sits, as it was half eaten we figured he had a full tummy and was just looking for somewhere warm to sleep it off! So he was evicted alive to play another day.
Visited Yeldnuckie Weir, the weir & reservoir were completed in 1912 and supplied water to Arno Bay & Cowell, but not Cleve. It is a beautiful area with picnic area and some walking trails.

This resorted wheel house is heritage listed.

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