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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nullabor Plain

Border Village.

Friday 18th, Camped the next night at Moodini Bluffs on the west side of Mundrabilla & met up with two couple’s that we had met also at Fraser Range so had happy hour with them. After leaving there the next morning we discovered the wide variety of different trees nicely decorated in individual themes which kept us amused for ages, unfortunately I was not able to get photos of these as by the time we spotted each of them we were already past & Bryon wouldn’t stop. This is the list of the ones we spotted & we may have missed a few; underwear, stuffed toys (yes stuffed toys & they all looked in good nick), thongs, shoes, bottles, cups, Dolls including a cabbage patch, hats & last one was gloves. Very entertaining. These were all west of Mundrabilla.

Couldn’t have asked for better conditions for crossing the Nullabor, cool temperatures, mostly no wind and overcast, heading to Fowlers Bay for a couple of days.

Awesome cliffs in the bight, to the right.
and to the left.

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