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Monday, February 14, 2011

Mason Bay

Looking out to the bay from our van

Arrived at Masons Bay near Hopetoun on Monday, was blowing a gale & we were pushing into a head wind most of the way here. The road was exceedingly rough & had a bit of fixing up to do in the van after were got here, a couple of locks on the drawers didn’t like the shake up & the plug for the kitchen sink unscrewed itself & of course the bottom of it had disappeared down the drain. Lucky for Bryon’s tin of nuts & bolts for a replacement. Put up the awning & shadecloth wall which was all tied down then didn’t get out of the van again for two days as the rain set in & we heard that aprox 40mm had fallen in that time. We now know the van doesn’t leak. Did lots of reading, sewing (me) and watched a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy as we haven’t got the satellite dish up yet for any other tv.

Wednesday; what a difference a day makes, the sun is shining, the sea is a mirror & the solar panels are working overtime to get the batteries back up after no sun for two days.

Have a lovely view from our van down to the water & lots of birds dropping in for a visit. Quite a few other camps here & the camp manager called in to get camp fees. Satellite dish & washing line are now up so get to see the news tonight. Been for a big walk around the beach & saw another pod of dolphins, Bryon scouted out a couple of likely fishing spots for tomorrow.
Ok, forget the fishing & sun, it lasted part of the day and then that was the last we saw. Cloudy all the rest of our stay and had to leave when the low battery light went on and acording to the weather forcast no sun in sight.
Still will try again here next year as is a lovely place and we might get lucky then with more sun.
Spent the next two day in Munglinup Caravan Park, still blowing a gale and raining so caught up with washing,etc and did a walk from the park down to the river between showers but didnt take the camera, would be a lovely spot to fish or take a kayake, worth having a look at.
Off to Esperance tomorrow.

These tractors pulled in just as we were leaving. They are also travelling around Australia pulling their camper trailers, bet their fuel bills are a lot higher than ours.

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  1. Hi Mum and Bryon, glad to hear you are enjoying the beginning of your trip. Hope the weather improves for you. Hope you are meeting some great people on your ways about. Missing you heaps and will try and call soon. xxxxxxx Chelsea