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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wow, its time!

Finally the time has come for our new lifestyle! We moved into the van on Monday 10th Jan & the removalists came on Tuesday to put all our belongings into storage. What a huge day, both Bryon & I packing all the last minute things such as TV, computer, Pictures & many things that were overlooked as we did the main packing, 9 hours& three trips later it was all packed away & the removalists had their hand out for a good paycheck. But they earned every dollar, hard working & very obliging as well.
Moving into the van has been fun with a few dramas along the way. Even after a couple of shake down trips we still have had a few problems. Bryon has in the last week been fixing the water system as we all of a sudden had no hot water in the shower, but still had hot in the kitchen, so after many phone calls to the dealer then the manufacturers over east, Bryon had to dismantle part of the pluming under the van where a safety device had been fitted to regulate the temperature of the water in the shower which resulted in a trip to town & a plumber to redesign & modify the faulty part.
Tuesday morning bought the next problem when we went to cook toast on the gas cook top & guess what? No gas! The regulator which had been in use for all of two weeks died so off to town again for a new one. Didn’t even try to do it under warranty as it wasn’t worth the hassle for a $20 part.
Here we are Wednesday night & come tea time Bryon lit the oven for the very first time as all our previous cooking had been on the bbq outside, within seconds we had smoke & flames coming out of the oven, lucky Bryon was quick thinking, turned off the gas & grabbed the paper that had been behind the burner at the back of the oven & raced outside. So, no damage, just a bit of smoke in the van but with some diligent fanning with the tea towel by me the smoke alarm didn’t even go off.
The next few days will be a little quieter as we are catching up with friends to say good bye & last minute food shopping, planning to head to Bremer Bay on Sunday & hopefully will get the Spot Satellite Messenger set up before then. I will take some photos of our empty home tomorrow after the carpet cleaner has finished, amazing how much bigger it is with no furniture!


  1. Hi Sue & Postie

    Well you have had a very eventful lead up to Sunday's departure. certainly hope nothing else goes wrong before you leave.

    Have safe travels & you never know we might cross paths again somewhere is this big beautiful country of ours.

    Cheers Jan & Bob "Witchwae"

  2. Thanks Jan & Bob, I am sure we will catch up again on the road.

  3. Nothing like getting on the road to find out the little (and big) problems, but at least you did find them while still in Albany. Would have been a different story in Bremer. Glad you are away safely and I am receiving your satellite location emails, the last one from Bremer Bay so I am assuming you made it there.
    We'll be following you every inch of the way. Enjoy - George and Rso