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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bremer Bay

It’s a rainy day in Bremer Bay where we have been for the last week. Have been having a quiet time with a few walks on the beach & around the town and just settling into the van as well as spending time with Steve & Sue who we are staying with while here. We went back to Albany yesterday with them to attend the funeral of Les Edwards who was the father of a friend of the family’s. Of course we had a little shopping fix while we were there & visited Chelsea & our cats to see if they were missing us yet. Our house sure looks a bit different as all the tiles through the house have been ripped up & the new ones will be laid next week. It’s amazing how many people we have caught up with this week as the Bay is full of holiday makers, but most of the non permanents are going home this week.
Tomorrow we are going to the hotel for lunch to celebrate my birthday & our 7th wedding anniversary.
We are just starting to look at maps to plan where we are going to next, which will still be a couple of weeks away, so lovely to have the time to go slow. Sorry there is not much to put up here yet but have included a few shots of Bremer Bay & also our van parked at the side of Steve & Sue’s brand new house.

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  1. Happy Birthday Sis and Happy Anniversary to both of you.
    George and Ros